Sea Salt Caramel Quiz Gift

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You are laid back and enjoy the simpler things in life, like a beach vacation where you can just read your book and relax. You want a candy that you can savor and something you can share with friends and family.

The ultimate when it comes to sea salt caramel is when it is handmade with the finest ingredients, like Sweet Pete’s Famous Sea Salt Caramel. Made in small batches, Pete takes the time to truly marry the savory hint of salt with the buttery, creamy bliss of the caramel, creating a truly unique experience.

Our sea salt caramel candy collection consists of 4 candy cubes of the following items and packaged in colorful 4 piece gift box:

Sea Salt Caramel: Pete's Famous Sea Salt Caramels are absolutely our customer's favorite treat at Sweet Pete's.  All of our caramels are handmade in small batches.  Every piece of our slab caramel is sprinkled with sea salt.  Through a painstaking process we ensure the sea salt rests on top of the caramel and is the first taste to hit your tongue. The savory hint of salt is immediately followed by buttery, creamy bliss.  Sweet Pete caramels are all natural and gluten free. Pure, simple sweets! 

Sea Salt Caramel PopcornOur Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn is simply addictive!  This all natural sweet is made in old fashioned copper kettles in small batches. 

Gluten Free.

Grandma Bombs DivinityThis family recipe dates back to the 1930's. Pete's wife, Allison's grandmother made this traditional southern candy for all of her eleven children as Christmas gifts each year. The recipe is tricky to make correctly but Allison's marriage to a candy maker ensured the family could continue to share this sweet memory. A cross between a nougat and a meringue, and filled with roasted, salted pecans divinity quickly became one of Sweet Pete's most popular treats.
Salt Water TaffySweet Pete's not so traditional Saltwater Taffy is cooked in small batches and hand pulled. Sweet Pete's taffy is a little firmer then traditional taffy and packed with lots more flavor!  Each recipe is developed by Pete.  Pete's Saltwater Taffy is quickly becoming a best seller.

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