Jeni & the Jellybeans

$ 50.00

Sweet, colorful and a whole lot of fun!  Meet Jeni and the Jelly Beans, the newest members of the Yummy World food plushie family.  With winter coming to a close, the melting snow is not only making way for vibrant kaleidoscope of Spring flowers but also for Jeni and the Jelly Beans to make their Sprinkle Tree debut!  This interactive and colorful set of smiling plush Jelly Beans not only look delicious but they smell delicious too!  Each of the Jelly Beans offer a variety of different scents that match their color including fruit punch, cotton candy, blue raspberry, pineapple and lemon lime scents.  Featuring soft high quality plush fabric, the signature Yummy World "googley" eyes and dashed smiles, these friends are stuffed full of love.  

This XL Yummy World plush measures 20 inches tall x 12 inches long.

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