Creepy Crawly Challenge

$ 9.99

Set up your very own bush tucker trial with the Treat Factory Creepy Crawly Sweet Challenge. Forget about biting the rear-end off a wriggly witchetty grub because these creepy crawlies are yummy gummy sweets with gloriously gooey centres. Well, only six of them are yummy, the other three taste of chilli, curry and the notoriously foul durian fruit one of the smelliest, nastiest foods in the world. Bleurgh! Spin the spinner to decide your fate. Whatever bug it lands on, you have to eat. It s a great game to play at parties. Contents: 9 gummy bugs with gooey centres (6 taste of strawberry, 3 taste of chilli, curry and durian fruit) / Spinner to select a bug.

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