Sweet Classics Quiz Gift

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For you it’s all about the classics! You are thoughtful, kind and a romantic at heart. When you dream of candy it is something that you had when you were younger or something that reminds you of a simpler time.

The ultimate though is a grown up twist on a classic, like the Coke bottle gummies you had when you were younger, but maybe this time designed with a classic cocktail in mind.

Our sweet classics candy collection consists of 4 candy cubes of the following items and packaged in colorful 4 piece gift box:

Cuba Libre Gummy: What is sweeter than sipping a Cuba Libre and listening to breezy tunes? Sweet Pete's gummy Cuba Libre Cocktails. Inspired by the perfect night out, these sweet little confections are cola and lime flavored and shaped in musical instruments.Gummy Cuba Libre Cocktails are designed by Pete and crafted in Belgium exclusively for Sweet Pete's. 

Rainbow Licorice TwistsTwist and shout! Rainbow licorice is twisted and filled with a cream center.
Blots GumballsSweet little gumballs in fun paint splotched colors. A classic candy treat!
Life Swirls On LollipopsSweet Pete's artisan hand pulled lollipops are made in small batches. Each batch makes two hundred lollipops and no two lollipops are exactly the same. Select Sweet Pete's candy makers train with Pete to learn the art of pulling hard candy. Pete uses only premium flavors and colors to ensure the best tasting, prettiest lollipops. Look out for seasonal lollipops that sell out fast!

Life Swirls on is a sweet candy cube filled with four mini lollipops.

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