Allergy Information

- Sweet Pete’s uses all natural chocolates.  We strive to use natural ingredients whenever possible.  Items with this icon contain no artificial flavors or colors and no high fructose corn syrup.  All of Sweet Pete’s hard candies can be made natural upon request.  Minimum orders apply.

Gluten Free-  All items listed with the gluten free icon contain no gluten.  Many contain an additional allergy statement confirming they are made in a gluten free facility


Sugar Free-  Sweet Pete’s offers various types of sugar free confections.  Please read ingredient and allergy statements to differentiate between sugar free, low sugar and no sugar added.  Some items contain maltitol( a sugar alcohol) while the taste is preferred in no sugar added products, it is recommended consumers limit their daily intake. 


Vegan- Vegan items contain no animal by product.  Sweet Pete’s chooses bone char free sugar. Sweet Pete’s Candy Factory processes dairy, eggs and honey.  Please read ingredient and allergy statements to confirm risks of cross contamination. 


Dairy Free
- Dairy Free sweets do not contain any dairy.  Please note Sweet Pete’s processes eggs and dairy.  There is a risk of cross contamination.


Nut Free- Sweet Pete’s factory processes nuts. Many of our recipes are often made by partner confectioners in nut free facilities.  Only items manufactured in nut free facilities will display the nut free icon 


Organic- Sweet Pete’s does not specialize in organic candies.  We partner with many organic confectioners.  Please read ingredient and allergy statements on organic products for detailed information.