Sulzbacher Bar

$ 4.95

.The official Sulzbacher Chocolate Bar is made with creamy Belgium Milk Chocolate, Pretzels, Caramel and Almonds.DISCOUNTS ARE NOT APPLICABLE WITH SULZBACHER PRODUCTS. 40% OF TOTAL SALE IS DONATED TO SULZBACHER.2.5 ouncesSulzbacher provides Housing, Healthcare, and most importantly, Hope to men, women and families with children who are homeless or at risk.Sweet Pete's is a celebrated candy maker that cares about the community.Together we have created Sulzbacher Sweets by Sweet Pete's.These sweet treats are available for purchase and a significant portion of the proceeds go directly to help people Sulzbacher serves so they can become independent, self-sufficient and in permanent housing of their own.With every bite, the purchase of Sulzbacher Sweets by Sweet Pete's provides help and hope to those in need.And that's what we call sweet!

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