Does my deposit apply to my party or just hold the spot?

The deposit will be applied to the total balance the day of the party.


What is the difference between the standard and deluxe parties?

The deluxe has an additional hour, includes an ice cream cake and you have the option to add food.


What are the best parties for certain aged children?

2-4: Toddler Party (this may vary of most of the guests are older)

4-6: Chocolate Pizza Parties

5 – 10 Taffy

Over 5 to adult: Hand Pulled Lollipops, Chocolate Bars

Adults: Truffles


Can I make any candy in the different rooms?

Yes, the room name only refers to the theme of the room not the type of candy made.


Do I need an attendant?

We recommend an attendant if you are ordering a lot of food.  Your candy maker will control the flow of your party and will be in the room.  The candy maker does not serve adult food, fill adult drinks etc.  Most food and drinks are self-serve.  If you would like more attention for your adult guests, we recommend an attendant.


When will I choose my type of candy etc?

After paying your deposit on the website, you will receive an questionnaire via email.  You will fill out your child’s name, age, type of candy and any add ons.


When is the latest date I can provide the number of children attending the party?

You can give us the final count 24 hours before the party.