Chocolate lollipops are a cute treat for holidays, birthday parties or any other time. They’re also surprisingly easy to make. With just a few materials, you’ll be able to make your own cute creations and listen as the compliments pour in.

Lollipop Molds
In order to make the chocolate lollipops, you’re going to need lollipop molds. You can usually buy these at craft stores, big-box stores like Target or through websites like Amazon. When you’re just getting started, you may want to stick with molds that will look great in a single color. Simple hearts or stars, for example, are perfect for beginners. Other molds like animals or ballerinas can also look fine in a single color, but will look better when you’re advanced enough to add multiple colors. Take care when making your selection, though. There are molds for chocolates and molds for chocolate lollipops. The lollipop molds will have a small space for the stick. Those are the ones you want.

Melting the Chocolate
Chocolate for lollipops comes in small discs. You can usually purchase the discs in dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate. Many also sell the discs in colors, which can be a nice touch if you want to make pink hearts or yellow ducks. One way to melt the chocolate is in a microwave safe dish. Put it in the microwave at half-power for about a minute, then take it out and stir it. Repeat this process until all of the chocolate is melted. Alternatively, you can melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in a metal bowl placed over a pan of boiling water.

Pouring the Chocolate
The lollipop molds shouldn’t need any special preparation, and once the chocolate is melted, you can begin pouring the chocolate. In most cases, it’s best to pour it into the mold using a spoon. This allows you to take only small amounts of chocolate out at a time. You should aim to fill the mold as close to the top as you can. When you add too much chocolate, it starts to spill over and make a big mess. If the melted chocolate starts to harden as you’re pouring it, you may need to melt it again.

Adding the Sticks
You’ll be able to purchase lollipop sticks wherever you bought the molds and chocolate. Lay the stick into the mold so that it’s sticking about halfway into the chocolate. The larger the mold, the more stick you’ll need to use so that it doesn’t fall off when the person is eating it. Make sure to roll the stick around at least once to completely cover it with chocolate. This will help the stick stay firmly in the chocolate.

Cooling the Chocolate
The chocolate needs to harden and set before you’ll be able to take them out of the mold. The best way to do this is by putting them in the freezer on a level surface. If the mold is tipped to the side, the chocolate will not set evenly. In most cases, the lollipops will be fully set in five to 10 minutes. However, the time it takes depends on the size of the lollipops. Smaller lollipops can be done in five minutes while large ones may take longer than 10 minutes. If you can touch the lollipop without leaving a fingerprint, there’s a good chance that it’s done. Some people choose to set the lollipops by placing them in the refrigerator rather than the freezer, and this usually works fine, but it may take longer for them to set.

Removing Your Lollipops
If the lollipops are fully set and hard all the way through, you should be able to easily turn over the mold and have them fall right out. In some cases, a gentle push on the back of the mold can help pop them out if they’re a bit stuck. When removing the lollipops, make sure that you’re keeping the mold close to the counter or plate. If they have a long way to drop, they are more likely to break. Lollipops that don’t come out easily are probably not yet fully set. Try putting them back in the freezer for a few more minutes.

Using Multiple Colors
As you get more comfortable with making chocolate lollipops, you might want to make lollipops that use different colors. This is easy to do and not much harder than making single color lollipops. Simply melt the color you want to use first, then dip a decorator brush into the melted chocolate and paint the mold in that color. Let that color set by putting the mold into the freezer for a few minutes, then add a second or third color. In between each color, you need to let the chocolate set.

Painting the Lollipops
Another way to make more decorative lollipops is to paint on them after they’ve set. To do this, create your lollipops in a single color. When they’ve finished setting, pop them out of the mold and start melting the color you want to use for decoration. Place the melted chocolate in a pastry bag with a small hole and use that to pipe the other color onto the lollipop. Once you’ve done this, you’ll again want to place the lollipops back in the freezer to allow them to set.

Adding Extras
You may also want to add a few decorative extras to the lollipops. In most cases, it’s easier to do this by adding the extras to the mold first, then pouring the main chocolate in. For instance, you could add a few sprinkles or crushed cookies to the mold, then pour in the melted chocolate on top of that. It will incorporate the extras into the lollipop. An alternative method is to use melted chocolate as a “glue” to add decorations on after the lollipops have come out of their mold.

Making chocolate lollipops is a fun and easy activity, but it can be time consuming. The smart thing to do is have enough molds on hand to make all of the lollipops you want at once rather than using the same tray over and over again.