Berry Poppins Party Pack Bulk Candy
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$ 55.00

Authentic Swedish strawberry licorice filled with a vanilla cream center and a crunchy surprise. Imported from Sweden.      

  • Free of High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Free of GMOs
  • Free of Trans Fats
  • Natural Colorants


Contains gelatin and gluten

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Glucose-fructose syrup, starch from barley, invert sugar syrup, wheat starch (contains gluten), Wheat Flour, Palm Grease; Humectant Media: Glycerol; Surhetsreglerandemedel: citric acid, malic acid; Potato starch, gelatin (cattle), flavors; Emulsifier: Mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids; Glucose syrup; Acidity regulators: Potassium citrates; Coconut and palm kernel oil, Coconut, Salt; Vegetable concentrate: carrot, safflower, lemon, elderberry, black currant; Surface Treatment: Beeswax, Carnauba wax; olive oil; Thickener: Gum Arabic; Color: Carmine.